Sara McKinven Höök joins the team at Leisure Management Plus

November 26, 2021

The biggest single factor in success is the "mindset" of the leader and the team making it happen!

The path to a successful future is not always easy or clear. It requires vision, skill and determination

For optimum success, a hospitality business needs happy customers who come back again and recommend their friends

Leisure Management Plus has engaged Sara McKinven Höök as Leader UK

I never met anyone who said, I want to go and stay in an average hotel or, I want to go out for a mediocre meal and get poor service. Customers expect something really good!”
— Stuart Humphreys

GUILDFORD, ENGLAND, November 26, 2021 / -- New Leader in the UK at Leisure Management Plus

Sara McKinven Höök has been engaged by Leisure Management Plus Europe S.L. in the combined role of Leader United Kingdom and Leader LMP Quality Assurance. Sara will spearhead the company’s sales and marketing efforts and help fuel growth in the UK as well as continue the market research and development of the company's Quality Assurance system to be launched in 2022.

Sara is an accomplished multi-lingual hospitality professional with wide ranging experience in several areas of the hospitality business including all hotel operating departments: housekeeping, f&b, reservations, front office, conferences & events, as well as experience with airline cabin service and ski chalets. Stuart Humphreys, founder of Leisure Management Plus said, “…a revenue management specialist, course lecturer and hospitality operations expert, Sara joins us with a wealth of knowledge and skill which I believe will be helpful as we grow the company in the UK and roll out Leisure Management Plus Quality Assurance.

Leisure Management Plus Europe S.L. is a hospitality management company offering consulting and quality assurance as enhancements to operational management for hotels, resorts and all kinds of hospitality and leisure travel related businesses. As well as being able to manage hotels and resorts under custom tailored management agreements, the company offers a range of consulting services aimed at improving hospitality business performance for the benefit of the customers, as well as the owners of the businesses that serve them.

The company plans to launch LMP Quality Assurance next year which will offer custom tailored QA programs for individual operations, to include hotels, resorts, pubs, restaurants and cruise ships, plus a wide range of other hospitality, leisure and travel related retail businesses. The LMP QA system can be applied to individually owned independent stand alone operations, chains, and branded group clients including franchise groups whose franchisees have brand standards to live up to. The LMP Quality Assurance system will use a state of the art system to conduct operational quality assurance audits, performed by trained Quality Assurance Auditors, using techniques and criteria the founder of the company has developed over a number of years of being involved with Quality Assurance.

The LMP QA audit uses a unique blend of factors to reach a measured and balanced performance indicator that takes account of multiple factors which impact the customer experience. It comes with recommended management actions designed to address any areas of improvement that are highlighted by the audit. LMP can then go on to help clients, on an individualised and focused basis, with specific solutions to deal with any issues that come to light. This is part of the cycle of “continuous improvement” the company uses in its quest to optimise the performance of hospitality businesses which proprietary methodology has been fine tuned over the years.

The company plans to grow at an achievable pace and intends to operate hotels, resorts and vacation rentals in a variety of destinations. LMP intends to offer a range of vacation and leisure travel products under the names exceptional•vacations and exceptional•excursions. In due course LMP will also introduce the International Leisure Travel Club, a membership based leisure travel and lifestyle club.

Management agreements for hotels, resorts, vacation rental homes or other hospitality operations can be long term, medium or short term pending change or restructuring. The company has a presence and a team with extensive experience in North America as well as in the United Kingdom and the Canary Islands and is currently working on its first two management agreements since relaunching in February this year after having been dormant for a number of years.

LMP can help clients who want their operations to stand out from the crowd and achieve better than average for the benefit of their customers as well as their own business success. "We are on a mission to wipe out "poor", "average" and "mediocre" in hospitality" said Humphreys ..." because I never met anyone who said I want to go and stay in an "average" hotel or I want to go for a meal in a "mediocre" restaurant. Customers expect something really good that they are proud to recommend to their friends and they will return again and again for more of it. That is the route to a successful hospitality operation. The collective aim of Team•LMP is to ensure that customers, the travelling and vacationing public, enjoy exceptional•experiences and superior quality when using any kind of hospitality establishment by helping business owners make their operations stand out from the crowd and thereby improve the profitability and the value of their business”.

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